History Of Our Building

Deblyns is situated on land that once used to belong to The Priory.

Together with its neighbouring building it is believed that it was originally a medieval hall house, with the main structure dating from circa 1700 in Land Registry records.

Like many other New Romney buildings, it appears to have been built upon the site of an even earlier structure which was destroyed in the Great Storm of 1287.

Whilst restoring the building in 2005 previous owners came across lintels from a much earlier structure.

Tea at Deblyns teashop and garden, New Romney


              deblyns traditional tea shop romney marsh      Iced Tea at Deblyns teashop and garden, New Romney

There is a myth that at one time the premises, like many in the High Street, was a tavern and upstairs was rumoured to be a brothel. To this day a grille can be seen which supposedly was for the purpose of ‘viewing’ the activities within.

Anyone who was found drunk and disorderly found their way quickly into the Town Hall dungeon opposite.